Part 3: Harper

Sonny’s surprise week home was a few weeks before we were having his 25th birthday party at our house. On the day of his party, I remember thinking that my last 2 periods had been exactly 28 days apart and here I was, day 35. I didn’t, couldn’t, believe I was pregnant again. I said [...]

Part 2: Lucas

My pregnancy with Lucas was almost exactly the same as Seb, which given they had the same due date wasn’t surprising. The hardest thing was how much my relationships started changing now that I was a parent; both friends and family. This was something I didn't read about or hear about in chats with some [...]

Granny Knickers

It’s been a minute! I haven’t posted or shared anything for a couple of weeks. My mental health hasn’t been the greatest and I was feeling like this whole thing was a bit stupid and there was no point; despite hearing some really lovely things from my friends and even people I didn’t know with [...]